I was a senior level leader with a 20 year career as a corporate professional, spending all my time at work. The higher up I went, meant the more time I had to spend at a job that drained me, and I missed out on travel and spending holidays and weekends with people I cared about.

Now I have manifested a life of fun, freedom and adventure. A life where I get to travel and wake up in new places.  Where I get to make my own schedule and feel balanced, and feel genuinely fulfilled for the first time in my life. I want to help you get where you want to go through fulfilling your dharma, manifesting and self work.

A year ago, I was at the peak of my conventional career. I was overseeing two businesses in Chicago. I managed over 140 people. I had the home and the Mercedes. But I was tired. I was empty. And I was unfulfilled. I tried another town.  Asheville, NC.  Did the same thing.  Managed people for a big corporation.  A new location didn’t change me…I wasn’t in alignment with my soul’s purpose, and I needed to change what I was doing. So I quit. 

I went from girl boss to girl moss!  I sold all my stuff, purchased and renovated a class A RV, and my partner, pug and me are exploring the country. Soaking up nature and new scenery. I took my manifestation certification and made a life that began feeling aligned with my dharma…my soul’s purpose!

I’m dedicated to helping you get grounded and revisit your inner child, where you left behind what made you truly you – your special calling.  

Whether you want to grow or change your profession, deepen your purpose, or feel more fulfilled…it all comes down to one thing. Reconnecting to your soul and subconscious.

When it comes to your dharma, your soul has a way of guiding you back on track. But we tend to hit ignore so many times until we get to a point where we feel the blaring call that our job, our lifestyle, our relationship is sucking us dry!  Manifesting is not only attracting the job, the home, the relationship or the money. It is finding true alignment with your energy and what you are meant for.